Services Offered by Your Dentist

Your smile is something you take pride in and it’s also usually one of the first things someone else notices about you. Going to the dentist once or twice a year is what you are supposed to do, but many people skip the visit after they turn 18 until they start getting toothaches and such. Kids and adults both get braces to straighten teeth and fix overbites, cross bites, and under bites. There are also adults who have their teeth fixed by veneers or caps. And when it all comes down to it, sometimes sedation is necessary for a specific procedure, like the removal of a wisdom tooth or multiple teeth that can’t be removed without surgery of some kind.

General Family

General family dentistry is basically any services offered on a regular checkup. You go in to the office to have your teeth cleaned, inspected, and x-rayed, and then you go about your business with a brand new toothbrush and maybe even a sticker. Kids like going to the dentist mostly because it usually gets them out of school but also because of the sticker. Adults like the change of pace, despite the fact that a dentist’s office isn’t exactly the most relaxing place you can go, but many people see it as a break from work and everyday life.


This type of dentistry is for when your husband got in that fight last weekend and lost half of his front tooth or your son got tackled during football practice and knocked the bottom halves of his two front teeth out. Maybe your daughter fell off the top of the cheerleading stunt or caught her color guard flag with her face and lost part of a tooth or two. And maybe you just happened to trip and kiss the pavement. Teeth have a habit of getting damaged no matter how hard we try to take care of them. Some people opt to have veneers put in so they can have that perfectly straight smile without years of braces.


A dentist in San Jose would use sedation in the instance of major surgery. Having a wisdom tooth removed is not something you want to be awake for. You may not even want to be awake for a root canal. Sedation techniques are there so that you can be blissfully asleep during the procedure, which also gives the dentist an easier time at fixing the problem.