Do You Need a Podiatrist?

Most of the time foot issues just need time to heal, shoe changes, or anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen.  But if you have tried rest, ice, compression, and elevation (R.I.C.E.) and still have problems, it might be time to pay a visit to a podiatrist in Chattanooga.


If you experience pain and swelling in one foot but not the other, it could mean that you have a broken bone, tendonitis, or some kind of infection.  As a general rule, your feet should look similar so differences in the appearance of your feet could indicate a problem. 

It’s more common to have swelling in both of your feet, but you can still have it checked out by a podiatrist, especially if the swelling causes discomfort.  You may have lymphedema, a condition that blocks the lymph vessels from draining the fluid that is needed to keep immune cells moving throughout your body.


If you have foot pain that lasts for more than 24 hours or gets worse with movement, you should see your podiatrist.  You could have a stress fracture.  Remember it isn’t safe to try to work through the pain.  Seeing a doctor can prevent a more serious injury from occurring.

Pain in your feet whenever you elevate them or lie down could be peripheral artery disease, meaning that your blood isn’t moving effectively through your body.  Try dangling your legs over the bed to see if the pain goes away.  If it does, see your podiatrist right away.  In this instance, visits to other specialists might also be included in your treatment plan.

Changes in the Status Quo

When you experience any unexplained changes in your feet, it will warrant a visit to the doctor.  It doesn’t matter if the changes are with a mole or a discoloration; it’s always a safe bet to get it checked out.

A few things to look for include hard bumps on your foot, especially your ankles.  This could be a bone spur, a calcification of the bone that might have to be removed if it causes pain.  You can also notice if the arch on one foot looks lower than the other.  This can mean tendon problems.  When the tendons aren’t pulled correctly, it can cause problems with the joints.  This problem is easier to fix sooner than later.  Finally, a mole that is growing or changing color on your foot could mean infection, poor blood flow, or even a cancerous body.  It’s important to have it looked at.

There are all kinds of problems that can occur with your feet, but there is also a podiatrist in Chattanooga that can take care of it.  It’s always better to have a problem checked if there is a question.  The sooner you get it looked at, the faster you’ll return to your normal life.