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Finding Strength through Physical Therapy

After you have experienced an injury, whatever it might be, you will most likely find yourself in a weaker state.  This can be for a number of reasons.  It is generally from a lack of use of your injured body.  Your muscles are amazing, but when they are not used they become weak.  You might not realize how fast this can happen either.  When you are looking to regain that strength and mobility, you can generally find it through physical therapy in Baton Rouge.

Moving On

Experiencing injuries can be life changing.  It generally is just a short-term setback, but they are not fun.  Whether your injury is from sports, an accident, or something else, you might initially feel frustrated.  You might be frustrated that your body is not functioning like it normally does.  This can be from pain or damage to the injury site.  When you are in pain, you generally are not going to cause yourself more pain by trying to use the injured part.  The downside to this is that you can lose strength and mobility.  When you are not using part of your body, your muscles can become weak.  It is not just your muscles, but the surrounding parts of it as well. Continue reading


Common Types of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in West Bloomfield can help heal many different problems that an individual is having with their mind or body. There are a variety of types of physical therapy concentrating on the actual problem that a patient is having. Physical therapists use heat, cooling, and a variety of exercises to help patients. Physical therapy helps with balance, motor control, injury healing, flexibility, range of motion, strength, pain relief, and coordination.

Age-Related Physical Therapy

There are physical therapists that specialize in either geriatric physical therapy or pediatric physical therapy. These therapists concentrate on age-related problems that their patients may be having. Some geriatric ailments that physical therapy may be sought for include arthritis, osteoporosis, and incontinence, along with common surgeries and neurological disorders for aging adults. Water therapy is used frequently with older patients as it helps take some strain off of painful joints. Pediatric physical therapy concentrates on common infant, child, and adolescent problems. Some of these are cerebral palsy, spina bifida, developmental delays, and motor skills, as well as common childhood injuries and disorders that affect the joints and muscles of children. Children are often assisted through basic developmental activities including walking, jumping, or even crawling. Many times adaptive play is used with children alongside other types of therapy tools. Continue reading


Physical Therapy is an Important Part of Your Recovery

No on enjoys being sidelined with an injury.  Regardless of which sport you play or which type of recreation you enjoy, having an injury and being unable to participate in your favorite activities can be frustrating.  If your injury requires an operation, your recovery time may seem long and dreary.  It is important to remember, however, that if you return to full activity too soon, you are risking re-injury and you may do serious damage to your body.  Giving your body the time it needs to heal is the best way to stay healthy and avoid problems in the future.  In the aftermath of injury or surgery, physical therapy in NYC can help you strengthen your body and learn techniques that will help you stay healthy and active. Continue reading